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SummaBarrister is a financial management system which DMFC has developed to meet the particular requirements of barristers.

Full training and ongoing support will be provided to allow you to make the most of its capabilities.

These include:

  • Monitoring your income tax liability on an ongoing basis.
  • Cash receipts basis for all fee income and VAT on fee notes.
  • Allowing easy data entry using templates to reduce time on data entry.
  • Helping support fee justification during taxation review with a time recording system.
  • Offering easy to apply controls to ensure you never forget to bill a client.
  • Creating PDF to mail ‘Fee Notes’ to clients.
  • Offering a specialist template for legal aid pricing and invoicing.
  • Emailing aged outstanding balance details to clients.

Managing day to day bookkeeping and accounts, simply and easily while providing insightful information into key clients.

Available in two versions:

  • Windows:           Full* or Light     Sys req: MS Office 2007 or later
  • Mac:                   Light                 Sys req: Mac Excel 2011 or later
  • IOS or Android:  Time Record     Sync to system via app provided


* Sql Server database back-end