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David Meehan FCCA

David Meehan Financial Controllers (DMFC) was set up, in Dublin, to provide clients with a cost-effective finance service.Over the last 20 years our principal, David Meehan FCCA, has provided large and small clients with a wide range of accounting and information services.


Who we work for

- We have been engaged by publicly quoted companies including eircom, HJ Heinz and Kerry Group to assist in various financial reporting activities.

- Similarly, we provide support to smaller indigenous companies such as The Dialogue network, TE Services, Sunsont and Wirecard Ireland.

- We have recently launched a service to barristers, providing financial management service utilising our in house system SummaBarrister.

How we work

- We enable you to avoid a fixed overhead commitment by outsourcing key aspects of your company’s finance function.

- Our services are agreed and priced upfront which means no unexpected charges later.

- Contracts range in duration from a few months to a number of years. Because we prefer to act as an integral part of a client’s team, we encourage you to include us in management meetings and other key meetings that help shape strategic decisions.



  • To get a better feel for what we do, please review the ‘Services Offered’ section