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Understanding “Your” business leads to an enhanced relationship

We firmly believe that we need to know you before we can help you.
Experience has taught us to gain a deep understanding of you and what you do, so that we can deliver the best advice.

Top-quality tools are required to generate the right information that will stimulate effective decision-making.
Consequently systems development and information provision is a core activity of DMFC.

Bespoke information systems

Besides designing and integrating our own Accounting Software – Summa - into a range of companies operating in different business environments, we have also been involved in a number of systems implementations within large companies. These include SAP into eircom and HJ Heinz and Exchequer with TE Services.


Data entry and management

In addition, DMFC also handles data entry and crunching.

Here, experience has also proven that simple philosophies need to be in place from the start.

Solutions must be clear, user-friendly, cost effective and efficient, No re-keying of data!


And with a flexible report generator.
Because you must be able to get the information you need from your systems not the reports it wants to give.

A key weakness with “Off the Shelf” finance systems